Acupuncture Alternative Medicine

Acupuncture helps the body heal itself.


I suffered for years with sciatic pain in my right leg which got progressively worse until I could no longer sleep. I tried chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy--nothing took the pain away. Out of desperation, I hesitantly decided to try acupuncture.

I was scared at the thought of someone sticking needles into my body and wondered if it could really take the pain away, but I was desperate. The treatments were painless and I was soon able to sleep at night.

Thank you, Jessie! I now have pleasant dreams instead of that nasty sciatic pain.


Evelyn Wenning

New Bremen, OH

I had pain in my lower abdomen from menstral cramps, and she made it go away!

Tessie Mayse

Cable, OH

I was referred for acupuncture treatment for my symptoms of PTSD from combat in Viet-Naum; mainly anxiety, panic attacks and sleeplessness. I have had acupuncture treatments for approximately one year on a monthly basis, and have found them to be very effective. I now sleep without interruption six to eight hours, my panic attacks have ceased almost entirely, and my anxiety has decreased substaintially.

Considering the fact that I have had many previous years of cognitive therapy and medication, I find acupuncture treatment to be a more effective method, by far, than my previous methods.


Jack Makemson

West Liberty, OH


I was a skeptic. I had heard of acupuncture, yoga, massage etc but never put much value in them. The closest I had come was physical therapy and I knew that worked for some things but not arthritis. But acupuncture was a leap of faith. I probably would never have tried it except my wife had a good deal of pain and wanted to see if it would give her relief. I suffered from back and shoulder pain and arthritis and took medicines for help but still ached.

My first surprise was that I barely felt the needles and usually could not even tell when inserted. After the second treatment I did feel better but I had lapse before and figured that was normal cycle. But after six weeks there was no question that I had improved and I cut back on my celebrex tablets.

I stopped having treatments since I feel I no longer need them but plan on returning now and then for a "check up." Also it is so relaxing that I enjoy the nap.

T.J. Wenning

New Bremen, OH

After suffering several years with back pain, with no relief from pills, patches, and shots; "Acupuncture" is the miracle I prayed for.

I am thankful to Jessie Nichols-Barney L.Ac. for providing me with relief.

Ethel Barton

Springfield, OH

I had x-stop spacers put in my back November 13, 2009. The pain being caused by bone spurs did not decrease. I was told about Jessie and acupuncture and am I ever glad. My pain is GONE!!! I can walk, shovel snow, play with the grand-kids again, and etc. I feel so blessed.

Now Jessie is working on my carpal tunnel and ear problem and am seeing some improvement.

I have recommended Jessie to many of my friends and some are already seeing relief!

Katie M. Amiden

Bellefontaine, OH